Contents               Volume 5,  Number 1, Year 2000

             ORIGINAL PAPERS

3. Is it effective to file medical malpractice litigations and the names of hospitals and physicians involved on the Internet or not?      
Cleophas R.J., Cleophas T.J.       
7. Polymerase chain reaction in pulmonary tuberculosis               
Okutan O., Kartaloğlu Z., İlvan A., Cerrahoğlu K., Kunter E., Aydilek R.
10. Evaluation of a serological test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis using the 38kda antigen
Abdelnoor A.M., Khaled G., Matar G.M., Khalil M.N., Ramadan F.
13. Effects of education on knowledge and attitude of breast self examination among 25+ years old women               
Öztürk M., Engin V.S., Kişioğlu, A.N., Yılmazer G.               

18. Random amplified polymorphic DNA typing of enterococcus faecalis  isolated  from Lebanese individuals             
Harakeh H.S., Uwaydah M., Matar G.M.       
21. Hemoptysis: bronchoscopic-computed tomographic correlation in ninety eight cases
Ekim H., Sanisoğlu İ., Akar H.               


26. Cervicothoracic pin migration following open reduction and pinning of a clavicular fracture (a case report)       
Abdelnoor J., Mantoura J., Nahas A.               

29. Wilson's disease presenting with severe hemolytic anemia (case report)               
Özer E.A., Kasırga E., Özer E., Atabay B., Yaprak I.               

31. Hepatic  schistosomiasis (report of  a  case  accompanying  a  metastatic  tumor  in  the   liver)
Sağol Ö., Özen E., Şimşek İ., Ellidokuz E.       
33. Urethral diverticulum and giant urethral stones occurring after scrotal flap urethroplasty
Bayraktar Z., Taşçı A.İ., Çaşkurlu T., Çek M., Sevin G.
35. Squamous cell carcinoma of the kidney               
Odabaş Ö., Karakök M., Yılmaz Y., Atilla M.K., Akman E., Aydın S       
37. Crossed renal ectopy associated with tuberous sclerosis               
Yılmaz Y., Odabaş Ö., Demirtaş İ., Atilla M.K., Dilek H., Bayraklı H

39. Peptic Ulcer or Inflammatory Gastric Disease?
Kapıcıoglu S.