Contents               Volume 1,  Number 1, Year 1996


5. Comparison of tympanic infrared thermometer with glass-mercury thermometer in newborn infants.
Ovalı F., Samancı N., Dağoğlu T.

8. Evaluation of hepatic involvement in brucellosis.       
Türkdoğan M.K., Akdeniz H., Berktaş M., Irmak H., Tuncer İ., Algün E., Buzgan T., Seçkinli M. T.

10. The large for gestational age infant : a study of labor, delivery and newborn characteristics.
Gürel S.A., Gürel H., Şener T., Hassa H., Özalp S.

17. The importance of drainage after thyroid surgery in the region of an endemic goitre.       
Güler O., Aydın M.

20. Blood-serum companent changes in sedentary university students: Relationship to acute and long-term psysical activity. Preliminary report.
Aslan R., Şekeroğlu M.R., Ercan M, Tarakçıoğlu M, Çiftçi İ.H.

23. Sleep quality in patients with fibromiyalgia.       
Adak B., Ağargün M Y., Kara H., Tekeoğlu İ.

26. The Analgesic effect of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) and acupuncture in osteoarthritis.
Tekeoğlu İ., Adak B., Kara M.

35. Re-evaluation of drainage, cystic artery ligation, and gallbladder bed suture in cholecystectomy.
Dilek O.N., Işık B.

39. The relation of branch retinal vein occlusions with arteriovenous crossings and occlusions sites.
Şimşek Ş. Demirok A., Avcı R., Çinal A., Yaşar T.

43. Contractility changes in guinea-pig papillary muscle induced by different concentrations of digoxin.       
Meral İ.

47. Effects of long-term running exercise on the red blood cell deformability.       
Ercan M., Tekeoğlu İ., Bayıroğlu F., Kale R., Akdeniz H., Tuncer İ.

51. The occurrence of the oxyphil cells in parathyroid glands: an ultrastructural study in cattle and horses.       
Kanter M.


55. Sytemic lupus erythematos as a cause of the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone: a case report.
Algün E., Şekeroğlu M.R., Tarakçıoğlu M., Tuncer İ, Türkdoğan M.K.

57. A case suspected of bilateral crossed renal ectopia or bilateral jet effect.       
Aydın S., Odabaş O., Yılmaz Y, Bozkurt M, Onur D., Atilla M.K.

59. A fertile myotonic dystrophy associated with hyperthyroidism: case report.   
Bayram F., Gürsoy G., Serter R., Ünüvar N., İnan L.E., Uysal H., Aral Y.

62. Osteoblastic osteitis of the maxillary sinus: a case report.
Kırış M., Uğraş S., Bozkurt M. Egeli E.